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COVID-19 Information


[Page was last updated April 27, 2021]



C/A will return to full-time, in-person instruction for the 2021-2022 School Year -- Anabelle C. Morgan, Head of School, informed parents in a letter on March 12, 2021, that C/A would be returning to full-time, in-person instruction and operations for the 2021-2022 School Year. "In addition to delivering C/A's academic program, we will do everything we can to safely return to the many trips and activities that define our school and will communicate details as soon as they become available," she said.

C/A to remain in hybrid model for remainder of 2020-2021 School Year: Ms. Anabelle Morgan, Head of School, communicated the decision in a letter to parents on April 7, 2021. Also, C/A's protocols around travel for unvaccinated students will remain as it stands.

C/A Post-Travel Screening Form -- C/A community members who travel outside the DMV area during the 2020-2021 school year are required to complete a Post-Travel Screening Form. Shared details about where, when, and how you traveled are incredibly important as we seek to keep our community safe and healthy.

C/A is an ALX Pledge Partner -- Commonwealth Academy has qualified to display the ALX Promise shield that indicates its commitment to high safety standards and protecting our school community during COVID-19. C/A completed all requirements of the ALX Promise Program in August 2020 so that the proper safety measures were in place when learning resumed on campus in October. 

C/A has shifted to a hybrid instructional model. Lower School students are on campus for in-person learning five days a week. Middle School students are on campus Mondays and Tuesdays and alternate Wednesdays. High School students are on campus Thursdays and Fridays and alternate Wednesdays. Ms. Anabelle Morgan, Head of School, communicated the hybrid model in a letter to parents on September 29, 2020. 

C/A has developed a COVID Sick Policy for students and faculty. Our school's protocol is to prevent the possibility of COVID-19 entering through our doors and causing those in close contact to quarantine. Now that we are back on campus parents, students, and faculty are asked to use this CHART for guidance should they awaken with a new or unexplained symptom or symptoms. Please visit the C/A Health page for information on the process that will be followed if a child becomes sick while on campus.

C/A opened the school year virtually on August 26, 2020. Ms. Anabelle Morgan, Head of School, communicated the opening decision in a letter to parents on August 10, 2020. "At this time, the data and science presented by local health experts and departments do not support safe in-person reopening. In that light, and true to our commitment to always prioritize the health, safety, and care of all in our community, we have... made the decision to open school virtually," she said.

C/A will continue with the virtual program our school launched so successfully last March, with the following added enhancements: 

  • New digital delivery of our Executive Functioning tools (daily planner, grade report sheets, student self-evaluations, teacher evaluations) accessible to all students, teachers, and parents
  • Revised Student Action Plans to include clearer goals for each child
  • Enhanced Executive Function scale that includes more nuance and actionable outcomes
  • Increased opportunities for social connection to take place during lunch and other parts of the day, regardless of operating format (lunch groups, clubs)
  • Strengthening of our Advisory program: new daily advisory meetings in MS and HS; skills teaching and learning; and portfolio development
  • New and re-imagined student leadership opportunities in a virtual setting, including but not limited to our “Bigs and Littles” program, student council, spirit committees, and student ambassador program
  • Live/synchronous instruction/support five days a week in all divisions (MS and HS will hold electives and additional academic support on Wednesdays)
  • Access to additional electives (student choice)
  • Student access to academic support periods four days per week
  • PE/counseling sessions, as well as tools and support instruction/videos for students on the following topics: physical activity exercises; healthy habits; sleeping habits; and more
  • Creation of parent support workshops during and after school hours and a parent support resources website

In addition, Commonwealth Academy is developing a schedule for students to, in very small cohorts, come to campus from time to time for safe, outdoor, socially-distant activities aimed at bolstering community building and social connection.

What if a C/A student or their family member tests positive for Coronavirus?  Please email C/A's school nurse, Ms. Shriver. 

C/A's COVID Health & Safety Plan. For a copy of the plan, sign into your Rediker Parent Plus Portal and look in the School Links & Files section towards the bottom of the page.



*Please continue to check the Centers for Disease Control and Local County Health Department Websites for the most accurate and up-to-date information *

Added April 27, 2021

Same Day PCR Testing: Nurse Schriver reminds C/A that results from a rapid COVID test are unreliable and do not serve as a legitimate result for a child or teacher to return to school. A company called Same Day Testing can do PCR testing (with a guaranteed 14-hour turnaround) for a $75 rush fee with a location in Alexandria. "If you use this service to make an appointment, be sure to click on “16 hour PCR” and not “Rapid,” Ms. Schriver said.

Open Scheduling for Vaccines: The City of Alexandria has moved into open scheduling for Alexandria Health Department (AHD) and their partner provider vaccination events to simplify access to vaccines. Alexandria's residents are now able to directly select their vaccination appointment dates and locations without pre-registering. AHD has attempted to contact all residents and frontline essential workers who previously pre-registered at or through the Virginia Department of Health website. Due to increased vaccine supply, upcoming vaccination appointments are still available for the coming week.

All available appointment scheduling links for community vaccination events are now located at The list of available options includes AHD clinics as well as their vaccinating partner clinics, including organizations such as Glob’All and Red Sea. For support scheduling an appointment, call the Alexandria COVID-19 Hotline at 703.746.4988 on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.  

Added September 10, 2020

What's the Difference Between COVID and the Flu? -- Information from the Mayo Clinic.

August 28, 2020

Books about Coronavirus, tailored to children
We're Going to Be O.K. and My School is Closed -- Books and social stories about COVID-19 for children

Self-Care Resources: 
Mental Health and Coping During COVID-19 (CDC) - Tips from the CDC about coping with stress during a pandemic
Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus - For parents, prioritizing your own well-being benefits your whole family.

Taking Care of Your Emotional Health (CDC) - Taking care of your emotional health during an emergency will help you think clearly and react to the urgent needs to protect yourself and your family.

Virtual Calming Rooms:
Corona-Norco Unified School District (CNUSD) Virtual Calming Room
Independent School District 196 Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan  Virtual Calming Room 

Added: August 17, 2020

COVID-19 Testing is Available in Fairfax and surrounding jurisdictions. For details, click HERE.

Added: April 27, 2020

Communing with Nature Has Numerous Benefits!  In 2018 Shetland, Scotland was the first city authorized to prescribe nature to their patients. The evidence for the benefits of nature on mental and physical health are numerous. If you spend 90 minutes of your day outside in a wooded area, there will be a decrease of activity in the part of your brain typically associated with depression. So put on your walking shoes and continue to get outside at least once a day!  It's just what the doctor ordered.


Added: April 20, 2020

The Benefits of Boredom: This article was written to help parents during the summer months consider ways to manage boredom or find some brain stimulation for their children. It's not summer, but we are spending lots of time confined to our homes and may be seeking ways to address our children's boredom. 

Added: March 25, 2020

Wellness Tips for our Parents: Our school nurse, Ms. Schriver, has compiled 5 Tips for Practicing Wellness. These include recommendations for Sleep, Balance Your Diet, Water, Exercise, Rest.

Travel Advisories:  As a first step in planning any trip abroad, check the U.S. State Department's Travel Advisories for your intended destination. You can see the world at a glance on its color-coded map. Note that conditions can change rapidly in a country at any time. 

Added: March 24, 2020

CDC Self-Checker: The CDC has developed a "Self-Checker" to help you make decisions about seeking appropriate medical care if you think you've been exposed to COVAD-19. This system is not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of disease or other conditions, including COVID-19. This system is intended only for people who are currently located in the United States.

Added: March 20, 2020

FDA Warms of Fraudulent COVID-19 Test Kits: Consumer Alert:  At this time, the FDA has not authorized any test that is available to purchase for testing yourself at home for COVID-19. 

Added: March 18, 2020

NPR Podcast: What parents need to know about COVID-19.

Tips for Children with Asthma: The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America offers information on what people with asthma need to know about the risk COVID-19 and how to protect themselves.

Tips for Children with Food Allergies: Planning and preparedness are key to managing food allergies safely during an emergency. The Food Allergy & Research Foundation ( offers tips for families with food allergies.

Talking With Children: Tips for Caregivers, Parents, and Teachers During Infectious Disease Outbreaks: When children and youth watch news on TV about an infectious disease outbreak, read about it in the news, or overhear others discussing it, they can feel scared, confused, or anxious—as much as adults. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) tip sheet can assist parents and caregivers to learn some common reactions, respond in a helpful way, and know when to seek support. 

Added: March 16, 2020

City of Alexandria COVID-19 Information PageThe Alexandria Health Department is closely monitoring an outbreak of respiratory illness caused by coronavirus "COVID-19." Learn about the City's response and find information and resources related to COVID-19.

My Kid's School is Now What? -- An article from

How to Reduce Stress During School Closures - Blog from Psychology Today on how to minimize disruptions from routine that can trigger stress and anxiety for kids.  

How to Explain Coronavirus to a Child with Anxiety -- Positive Parenting article from ADDitude magazine on how to explain COVID-19 to a child with anxiety and how to navigate the next few weeks at home together.

Your Kids and the Coronavirus – Five things parents can do to make this time at home meaningful.

Added: March 13, 2020

How to Talk to Children About the Coronavirus --  A Parent Resource from the National Associations of School Nurses and School Psychologists 

CDC Travel Guidelines -- Information about Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) for travelers and travel-related industries.

5 Things Parents Can Do to Support Students in Virtual Courses -- Parental involvement is key to success in virtual courses. This blog on offers suggestions.

Virginia Governor Declares State of Emergency - What does that mean?

Virginia Governor Closes All Virginia Public Schools for Two Weeks Minimum - On March 13, 2020, Gov. Northam ordered all Virginia K-12 public schools to close for a minimum of two weeks to stop the spread of coronavirus, starting March 16, 2020.