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Faculty & Staff



C/A believes that our students will best reach their potential and stay engaged when taught by faculty who understand how to meet the needs of our diverse learners.

Our teachers:

  • Use a variety of instructional strategies
  • Understand ADHD and Executive Function challenges
  • Are subject-expert instructors for their grade level(s) 
  • Receive ongoing and embedded professional development
  Name Title Group
Eric Adams Adams, Eric Reading and Writing Dept. Chair; Writing Teacher High School
Melissa Amato Amato, Melissa Database Administrator Staff
Kathy Barsness Barsness, Kathy Administrative Assistant Staff
Cherie Carroll Carroll, Cherie Director of Finance & Operations Staff
Mary Chamberlain Chamberlain, Mary Foreign Language Dept. Chair; Spanish and Online Language Teacher High School
Holly Cherico Cherico, Holly Director of Marketing & Communications Staff
Ellen Edwards Edwards, Ellen Speech-Language Pathologist Staff
Jane Furey Furey, Jane Teacher Lower School
Daniel Furman Furman, Daniel Teacher Lower School
Leonard Gjoni Gjoni, Leonard Math Teacher High School
Josh Gwilliam Gwilliam, Josh Director of Admissions & Development Staff
Olivia Hogan Hogan, Olivia Science Teacher Middle School
Ian Howell Howell, Ian PE Assistant High School, Lower School, Middle School
Matt Johns Johns, Matt Acting Head of School Administrator
Kristen Kramke Kramke, Kristen Science Teacher High School
Beth Lang Lang, Beth School Counselor Staff
Jeff Levin Levin, Jeff Middle School Civics, High School History High School, Middle School
Amy Littlefield Littlefield, Amy History Dept. Chair; History, Humanities, Psychology Teacher High School
Ksenya Litvak Litvak, Ksenya Art Teacher High School, Lower School, Middle School
Maureen McCarty McCarty, Maureen Administrative Assistant Staff
Heather McKinzey McKinzey, Heather ADHD/Executive Function Coach and 2e Coordinator Staff
Rebecca Nitopi Nitopi, Rebecca School Nurse Staff
Rose-Marie Parker Parker, Rose-Marie Teacher and IIP Coordinator (Grades 3-7) Lower School, Middle School
Kaitlyn Ridler Ridler, Kaitlyn Teacher Lower School
Santiago Seré Seré, Santiago Director of Lower School Administrator
Molly Shipman Shipman, Molly English Teacher High School
Geoffrey Stanton Stanton, Geoffrey Director of Middle School Administrator
Carolyne Strain Strain, Carolyne Science Teacher and IIP Coordinator (Grades 8-12) High School, Middle School
Charles Sullivan Sullivan, Charles English Teacher High School
Katherine Theobald Theobald, Katherine Director of High School Administrator
Bill Vander Clute Vander Clute, Bill English Teacher Middle School
Brittany Washington Washington, Brittany Executive Assistant to the Head of School Staff
William Weimar Weimar, William Computer Science Teacher High School, Lower School, Middle School