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C/A believes that our students will best reach their potential and stay engaged when taught by faculty who understand how to meet the needs of our diverse learners.

Our teachers:

  • Use a variety of instructional strategies
  • Understand ADHD and Executive Function challenges
  • Are subject-expert instructors for their grade level(s) 
  • Receive ongoing and embedded professional development

"Our son is a solid "A" student at Christopher Newport University. He is studying neurochemistry with an interest in pre-med. Before he attended C/A, I did not even have the hope that he would graduate high school, no less get top grades in a challenging major at a top state school.

I give so much credit and thanks to C/A for all that you did for him. I know he was challenging at times. I credit the staff members who believed, encouraged, and inspired him."

Parent of C/A 2017 Alumnus


"We will always be eternally grateful to all of you at C/A (especially the dynamic, passionate teachers) for changing our scared, bullied, and worse of all, feeling unintelligent, little son into an incredible, confident, curious, and avid learner with so many talents and strengths."

Parents of a C/A
Middle & High School Student

"Our daughter just received her acceptance letter to Catholic U! This momentous day would not have been possible without C/A. Every teacher, every member of the team has supported, encouraged, challenged and nurtured our daughter over these past six years to reach this milestone and so many more! Forever grateful to all of you!"

Parent of C/A 2018 Alumna