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Fast Facts

Profile of C/A's Student Body:
  • Grades 3-12
  • Average to gifted intellectual abilities
  • Diverse learning styles
  • Most have executive functioning challenges
  • May require accommodations
  • Many have been diagnosed with ADHD
  • Many have learning differences
  • Vast majority plan to attend a four-year college or university
  • Do not exhibit behavior problems that would impact the learning of others

Class Sizes at C/A:

  • C/A enjoys a 1:6 teacher/student ratio
  • Lower School classes have up to six students per teacher for Language Arts and Math
  • Middle and High School typically have 10 or fewer students per class

Commonwealth Academy maintains accreditation by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools (VAIS). Founded in 1973, VAIS is the leader in advancing and advocating for independent school education in Virginia. The VAIS accreditation program is one of a select few recognized at the international level through the International Council Advancing Independent School Accreditation (ICAISA). VAIS also is recognized and approved by the Virginia Board of Education through the Virginia Council for Private Education (VCPE).

C/A offers a broad-based curriculum to prepare our students for the challenges of college, career, and life pursuits.

Our curriculum varies by grade level, but students in each Division benefit from: 

  • Teachers who use a variety of hands-on and interactive activities to engage students
  • A full range of core subjects, as well as electives, cross-curricular projects, and Makerspace building projects

Please click below for more specific curriculum information.  


C/A's hallmark is providing support to students with executive function challenges.

  • Teachers embed school-wide organizational strategies and time management skills into instruction each day

  • Advisors meet with Middle and High School students daily to help keep them organized and stay on top of assignments and grades

  • Study skills are taught in the classroom and during Academic Support periods

  • Organizational coaching takes place during Advisory/Academic Support in Middle School and High School

  • Integrated character education and group work promotes teambuilding, cohesion and social skills

  • On-site full-time college counselor
  • On-site full-time school counselors
  • On-site full-time nurse
  • On-site speech and language therapist and occupational therapist
  • Faculty Advisors beginning in Middle School
  • 1:1 computer to student ratio
  • Lower School students use school-provided iPads and Chromebooks
  • Middle School students use school-provided laptops and Chromebooks
  • High School students participate in a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) program
  • Assistive technology is available on all school computers
  • Online homework, student email accounts, Google classroom and faculty web pages facilitate homework completion
  • All Commonwealth classrooms are outfitted with either Promethean Interactive White Boards, SMARTBoards® or TVs with Apple TV devices to enhance focus, comprehension, and interactivity
  • Makerspace and Makerspace Design Studio
  • Select textbooks and literature available in e-book or CD format

As students move through Lower, Middle and High School, they become aware of their learning differences, are encouraged to accept them, and are taught how to self-advocate for what they need to succeed.

All accommodations are based on documentation from a qualified professional and included in the Student Action Plan (SAP) that C/A develops for every student.

C/A meets with parents on an annual basis to review their student's SAP.

Questions regarding SAPs can be emailed to Ellen Edwards, C/A Director of Support Services.