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Strategic Plan: Overview

Independent schools are regularly challenged and tested by a changing landscape. In order to provide their students with the most transformative, innovative, responsive, and responsible education, they are faced with the important task of regularly analyzing a variety of the local and global factors (social, technological, environmental, economic, and political) that will impact their students, both during their school years and beyond.

Strategic visioning is a collaborative response to changing times and focuses on the future of a  school and on designing the goals and initiatives needed for its students to thrive. Once identified, these initiatives lead to an articulation of objectives, to an assessment of implications (budgetary and otherwise), to short-, medium-, and long-term goals for implementation of action steps, and to responsive and optimal programming.

Strategic planning is a process that engages all community constituents and requires critical and analytical thought, creativity, experience, and instinct. With each iteration, the school reviews new educational trends, conducts new market analyses, and considers the information it gleans from a variety of sources to reaffirm its commitment to its mission and articulate the new framework needed to achieve its vision. This cyclical process (usually a projection of 3-5-10 years into the future) provides a roadmap for stakeholders regarding the direction and aspirations of the school and outlines which action plans will yield the desired outcomes and future of the school.