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Virtual Learning Plan



Commonwealth Academy will open the 2020-2021 school Year virtually, with the first day of school being Wednesday, August 26th.

C/A will continue with the virtual program our school launched so successfully last March, with the following added enhancements: 

  • New digital delivery of our Executive Functioning tools (daily planner, grade report sheets, student self-evaluations, teacher evaluations) accessible to all students, teachers, and parents
  • Revised Student Action Plans to include clearer goals for each child
  • Enhanced Executive Function scale that includes more nuance and actionable outcomes
  • Increased opportunities for social connection to take place during lunch and other parts of the day, regardless of operating format (lunch groups, clubs)
  • Strengthening of our Advisory program: new daily advisory meetings in MS and HS; skills teaching and learning; and portfolio development
  • New and re-imagined student leadership opportunities in a virtual setting, including but not limited to our “Bigs and Littles” program, student council, spirit committees, and student ambassador program
  • Live/synchronous instruction/support five days a week in all divisions (MS and HS will hold electives and additional academic support on Wednesdays)
  • Access to additional electives (student choice)
  • Student access to academic support periods four days per week
  • PE/counseling sessions, as well as tools and support instruction/videos for students on the following topics: physical activity exercises; healthy habits; sleeping habits; and more
  • Creation of parent support workshops during and after school hours and a parent support resources website

In addition, Commonwealth Academy is developing a schedule for students to, in very small cohorts, come to campus from time to time for safe, outdoor, socially-distant activities aimed at bolstering community building and social connection.

"Your child's education, health, and safety are of the utmost importance to us, and we are honored and privileged to be working with you," said Anabelle C. Morgan, Head of School. "Thank you for your support and for entrusting your children to us."

What if a C/A student or their family member tests positive for Coronavirus?  Please email C/A's school nurse, Ms. Schriver.




Commonwealth Academy has compiled a list of resources for families seeking more information about the COVID-19 virus. Click HERE.

Virtual Learning  Testimonials

"I love the consistency with setting expectations! The quickly produced and thorough virtual learning guide! The kids chatted during their first break! I’m so impressed by the seamless roll-out this morning!"

"Thank you C/A for having such a great plan in place and continuing to engage our kids!"

"My daughter was really ready to return to some version of schedule and normalcy, and C/A's distance learning program delivered!! Plus, your management of the classes (when we could overhear from the other room) was extraordinary!"