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Virtual Learning Support Resources

C/A Virtual Learning Support Resources for Parents and Students: The Support Team at C/A has compiled a manual of Virtual Learning Support Resources for Parents and Students. "We recognize that online learning, 'social distancing', and hunkering down at home present us all with a unique set of challenges," said Ellen Edwards, Director of Support Services.

"Although we cannot be physically present in your daily lives, we want to continue to offer support and community to you and your students. That includes providing resources for parents and students to talk about what is happening in the world, manage the stress and emotions of this large change in routine, and keep the community connected."


Virtual Learning  Testimonials

"I love the consistency with setting expectations! The quickly produced and thorough virtual learning guide! The kids chatted during their first break! I’m so impressed by the seamless roll-out this morning!"

"Thank you C/A for having such a great plan in place and continuing to engage our kids!"

"My daughter was really ready to return to some version of schedule and normalcy, and C/A's distance learning program delivered!! Plus, your management of the classes (when we could overhear from the other room) was extraordinary!"