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Welcome to Commonwealth Academy! It is with heartfelt enthusiasm that I welcome and introduce you to our amazing community. Founded twenty-two years ago on the fundamental belief that bright students with ADHD and mild learning differences can perform at the highest levels when presented with a strong, engaging, and responsive program, Commonwealth has since provided its students with a balanced and individualized college preparatory experience. Focused on authentic learning experiences, inquiry, and on the executive function mechanics necessary for successful learning, our program is also designed to help our students develop a strong sense of self and of the world around them in a safe environment.

Learning at Commonwealth is a joyful experience. Fully embracing the notion that in order to educate the mind, we also need to nurture the heart, we have created a space where challenging academic programs, strong relationships, and a highly responsive approach to the student experience intertwine. Our teachers are passionate experts in their field and are fiercely dedicated to the young people in their care. Our students are creative, innovative individuals who are full of promise and positive energy and who value their peers’ gifts and talents.

Commonwealth is a unique and inspiring place. I encourage you to learn more about us and to discover how we might engage you in our mission.


Anabelle C. Morgan
Head of School