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College Counseling


C/A is a college preparatory school. We know that students with learning differences can learn successfully, and we know what tools and support will help out students to achieve that goal. 

  • We offer a broad-based curriculum, compensatory strategies, and a focus on technology to prepare our students for the challenges of college.
  • Our students are taught to take personal responsibility for their learning and to self-advocate with confidence.
  • We provide an environment that is conducive to academic risk-taking
  • Our teachers and support staff collaborate to help each student thrive
  • PSAT testing is given to 9th, 10th and 11th graders
  • We provide assistance with career goal-setting
  • We help students to apply for accommodations for standardized tests
  • Students use the web-based application, Naviance, which can help them to track colleges of interest, and assist with organizing the college process.

The C/A Graduate section of our website offers information on colleges to which our students have been accepted.

Our College Counselor

A full-time director of college counseling, Mr. Clarke, is on staff to support students from 9th grade through 12th grade through the college preparation process.

Mr. Clarke uses the "Cura Personalis" model, which refers to "Care of the Whole Person," as he counsels students on their individual paths to post-secondary education.

At the start of every school year, he schedules a meeting with each senior and junior. The meeting is a conversation during which he pays attention to a student's talents, abilities, personalities, desires, hearts, faith, and minds -- which are all equal.

  • He schedules individualized meetings with just the student, before meeting with the parents and their student.
  • The student meeting is intended to prove a framework for the student to explore different options. Mr. Clarke's goal is to make sure they know how to empower their strengths during the application process.
  • He supports solidarity with all involved parties -- students, as well as parent.

Other ways that Mr. Clarke assists and counsels C/A students and their families include:

  • Help with college essay/resume 
  • Writing a personalized letter of recommendation for every student that will be graduating
  • Financial aid discussions, when requested
  • Providing info, when requested, about ROTC/Service Academies
  • College athletics

C/A meetings and events that support the college application process include:

  • Throughout the fall, college representatives from more than 50 colleges and universities visit C/A to meet with interested juniors and seniors
  • Senior Parents Night in November
  • Junior Parents Kick-off College Counseling Event
  • Introductory Parent College Counseling Meeting for parents of students in 8th-10th grades
  • Case Study program, an interactive admissions programs for parents to witness first-hand the admissions process 
  • "Letting Go" Night for parents of seniors to learn more about the transition from high school to college


C/A Graduates Say...
  • My college friends are amazed at how comfortable I am talking to professors and asking for guidance.
  • I felt so prepared for papers and presentation in college...much more so than many of my new friends.
  • Everything at C/A is personal and students are more accountable because teachers know the status of the students' assignments as well as we do...and help students to complete them.