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College Prep


C/A is a college preparatory school. We know that students with learning differences can learn successfully and we know what tools and support will help out students to achieve that goal.

  • We offer a broad-based curriculum, compensatory strategies, and a focus on technology to prepare our students for the challenges of college.
  • Our students are taught to take personal responsibility for their learning and to self-advocate with confidence.
  • We provide an environment that is conducive to academic risk-taking
  • Our teachers and support staff collaborate to help each student thrive

  • A college counselor schedules parent and student meetings to provide guidelines for the admissions process and specific suggestions and tips for evaluating colleges
  • PSAT testing is given to 10th and 11th graders
  • We provide assistance with career goal-setting
  • We help students to 
    • complete college applications
    • create a portfolio, if applicable
    • apply for accommodations for standardized test
    • prepare "Four Year Plans"
  • Students use the web-based application, Naviance, to 
    • investigate, research, track and plan for the college admission process
    • record their grades, activities, and college and/or career interests
  • Representatives from colleges visit C/A in the fall to meet with interested students
  • C/A holds a college fair in the spring so that parents and students can meet with representatives from various colleges and college support programs

Over the past three years, all of C/A's graduates have been accepted to the college of their first choice.

On average, most C/A students choose to attend four-year college options.

Other post-secondary options are also explored, tailored to each individual student. 

Our C/A Graduates section of the website offers information on colleges to which our students have been accepted.

What C/A Graduates Say...
  • My college friends are amazed at how comfortable I am talking to professors and asking for guidance.
  • I felt so prepared for papers and presentation in college...much more so than many of mew new friends.
  • Everything at C/A is personal and students are more accountable because teachers know the status of the students' assignments as well as we do...and help students to complete them.