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Students in grades 6-8 enjoy a progressively challenging curriculum that emphasizes project-based learning, thematic units, and cross-curricular design to enhance comprehension. Numerous field trips and at-school experiential lessons bring learning to life and help students demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of modalities.

Both class structure and the school day are designed to provide exciting, grade-level lessons and teach the skills and academic foundations needed to be successful in high school. Accommodations are embedded and directly taught throughout the curriculum. Remediation of basic skills is also continued on an as-needed basis through differentiated instruction and one-on-one support.

The Director of Middle School collaborates with the High School Director as well as department chairs to enhance curriculum development and ensure continuity from Middle to High School. The Middle School experience includes the following:

  • Course objectives based on the Virginia Standards of Learning
  • Five levels of math courses to meet the needs of all incoming students; Middle School graduates are prepared for either Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II upon entering high school
  • Assistive technology (such as Webspiration Classroom™, Read & Write Gold, text-to-speech programs, and audiobooks) and other web-based resources designed to drive student achievement
  • Art incorporated in all subjects.
  • Continually evolving curriculum with a great emphasis on a variety of technology resources, including the use of electronic organization in Writing
  • Select textbooks and literature are made available in e-book and MP3 or CD format when possible.
  • Students learn to research topics on the internet, and often take virtual tours or online quizzes.