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The Lower School curriculum, guided by the Commonwealth of Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL), gives students in grades 3-5 the opportunity to demonstrate their relative strengths. When needed, students receive instruction to remediate Math and Reading skills. This combination develops confident, independent, self-advocates and life-long learners.

C/A empowers Lower School students by teaching the tools and strategies necessary to achieve academic growth and social awareness. Students enjoy hands-on applied learning in a small, supportive, collaborative learning environment.

The Lower School curriculum builds on the lessons, and concepts covered in the previous years. The scaffolded activities and learning opportunities provide students the skills and concepts needed to succeed in the academic setting.

Lessons are filled with:

  • exploratory activities during which students work collaboratively to solve a common goal
  • music and jingles to help support the retention and application of information 
  • higher-order thinking questions intended to challenge students to recall, apply and synthesize new concepts

Whether students are exploring Ancient Mali, discovering the difference between a plane and solid figure or demonstrating how to find and use text supports to identify the theme in their novel group, they work hard to practice, apply and internalize teacher-provided strategies that support them in their academic journey.

C/A recognizes that some learning opportunities occur best when students are outside of our fun-filled walls. Field trips provide students with real-life examples of the concepts and skills that are being taught. Trips include visiting the local CVS to practice skills learned in the Money Unit in math, or identifying reliable sources for our Interactive Museum at the local library. At the beginning of the year, Lower School students go on two team-building trips where they are challenged to work together, find compromises and rely on each other. 


"Our son's teachers at Commonwealth know exactly how to teach him! Our son loves it and is excited to go each day. He is proud of what he is learning."

C/A Parent, Lower School