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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements


Post-Secondary Transition

As a college preparatory school, C/A values post-secondary education and is focused on helping our students best prepare for success after High School. Students aged 14 and above develop a post-secondary transition plan that is reviewed annually with their advisor and parents and evolves with them as they progress through High School. The intent is for students to identify the path and skills they will need to achieve their academic and career goals.


Standard or Advanced Diploma

Each spring, rising Freshman and returning High School students meet with the Director of High School to design, review, and update their four-year academic plan. They discuss and align their courses with their planned diploma type and any diploma certificates. C/A students can earn a standard or advanced diploma based on successful completion of the required classes.


Diploma Certificates

In addition to their regular course of study, students can choose to complete a C/A diploma certificate.

The Certificate Program gives students an opportunity to pursue a passion or potential college major in more depth than the coursework required to graduate. Students earning a diploma certificate work at a rigorous level in honors-level courses and enjoy numerous outside opportunities for extracurricular and experiential learning that enrich their classroom lessons through internships, clubs and organizations, and outside coursework. Diploma Certificates are listed on student transcripts accompanying applications for college, scholarships, or academic contests.

C/A offers Diploma Certificates in:


  • Coursework in History and English
  • Three years of a Modern or Classical Language
  • Experiential options during two summers, including internships and courses
  • One semester or more of Model UN and/or OAS


  • Four years of Science, including Physics
  • Four years of Math, including Calculus
  • Experiential options during two summers, including internships
  • Two courses in Computer Programming at C/A


  • Four years of science, including Anatomy and Biochemistry
  • Four years of math, including Pre-Calculus or Honors Statistics
  • Experiential options during two summers, including internships
  • Two courses at C/A that includes Psychology, Design I/II or Art


  • Three years of Art and/or Design classes
  • Successful completion of one honors course in Art or Design
  • Produce portfolio for review by Art and/or Design teacher
  • Experiential options during two summers, including internships

"Eric was admitted last week to George Mason University, and it was his senior thesis at C/A that got him off the waitlist! 

While Princeton Regional Schools did everything in their system to help Eric in NJ, it pales in comparison to the education that he has received at C/A. He was challenged to learn in just the kind of setting he needed--small, structured, and caring. Best of all, he has a sense of confidence that he could never grasp before walking through your doors."

Parent of C/A 2018 Graduate



"Our son is a solid "A" student at Christopher Newport University. He is studying neurochemistry with an interest in pre-med. Before he attended C/A, I did not even have the hope that he would graduate high school, no less get top grades in a challenging major at a top state school.

I give so much credit and thanks to C/A for all that you did for him. I know he was challenging at times. I credit the staff members who believed, encouraged, and inspired him."

Parent of C/A 2017 Alumnus