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C/A’s High School is a safe, welcoming and accepting community. Individual differences are embraced and celebrated by students and faculty alike. With an average class size of eight, students have the opportunity to connect and develop lasting relationships. with teachers, and with one another. 

  • We offer a full college-prep curriculum with Honors and AP courses, Diploma Certificate programs
  • We provide a wide variety of extra-curricular, social, athletic and class-bonding activities
  • Students take academic risks and succeed socially in a small and safe environment

This section of our website will tell you more about life as a C/A High School student, the curriculum, preparation for college admissions, and more!


"Commonwealth has shown me that school is not just about academics or what you can put on a college application. It's about connections and forming relationships." 

C/A Alumna, Class of 2017

"At Commonwealth, our son has finally met people who understand him and he has been able to grow and learn. He can be his quirky, creative, smart self."

C/A Parent, High School