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Innovation at C/A

innovation at C/A


Devices, Apps, and Software
  • High School students participate in a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) program
  • Middle School students use school-provided Dell 2:1 Laptops and Chromebooks
  • Lower School students use school-provided iPads and Chromebooks
  • All Commonwealth classrooms are outfitted with either Promethean Interactive White Boards, SMARTboards, or TVs with Apple TV devices
  • Our software, apps, and devices are chosen and curated by the EdTech and IT team



Maker Movement and DREAMS

Commonwealth Academy has a newly designed maker space which is accessible to all students and faculty. The space houses iMacs for digital media creation, robotics, woodworking equipment, circuit creation, hand tools, power tools, and LEGO. Using these materials and equipment, we work with students on project-based learning activities. These learning opportunities engage our students in our philosophy of DREAMS. DREAMS stands for Design, Research, Engineering, Art, Math, and Science. Through these integrating learning projects, students become design thinkers, engineers, creators, and innovators.



Professional Development

Our teachers, staff, and administrators received edtech professional development on a regular basis. This program allows our community to grow, learn together as well as test and develop new practices around technology integration and curricular innovation.