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Inside the Classroom

inside the classroom

Each classroom at C/A is a safe space. Despite the small physical size of our classrooms, they are filled with energy, enthusiasm and, more importantly, kindness.

Each classroom is a small community of individual personalities working together, supporting each other, and creating memories from important experiences.

Students are taught the importance of mistakes and how making them is essential to the learning process. Students are even encouraged to make mistakes and are provided with support, strategies, and tools to learn from those mistakes.

Teachers also provide students with language to change the way they view challenges and obstacles they may be confronting. Challenges become opportunities and obstacles can be approached through problem-solving.

Our student population guides classroom design and set-up.

From flexible seating options including weighted yoga balls, core balance cushions, and regular chairs to the training and use of different fidgets, students in the Lower School begin the process of understanding who they are and what their needs are in the academic setting.

Flexible seating and the use of fidgets help our student population attend to their learning while also providing them a non-distracting and stimulus-centered outlet. These choices enable students to practice self-advocacy and learn what works for them. As such, students become more independent in their work.

We know that students need to have opportunities to develop crucial skills in technology in order to become active members of our society. Technology and innovation are cornerstones to education today.

Each Lower School classroom is equipped with a Promethean Interactive White Board which allows students to get up out of their seats and connect with the concepts being covered in an interactive and kinesthetic way. 

Every Lower School student is provided with an iPad and Chromebook and they have access to Kindles.

Commonwealth Academy's software, apps, and devices are chosen and curated by the EdTech and IT team.

Some of the most exciting projects for Lower School students are those that they share with peers and family members.

There are opportunities throughout the year for parents to visit Commonwealth Academy and see first-hand what their students have been working on. We host an annual Fall Festival in October and an Interactive Museum in March to highlight student successes.

Frequent updates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the school newsletter also provide insight into daily life in the Lower School classroom.


"Our daughter is wrapping up her first year at C/A... Each of her challenges has been met by LS teachers with amazing patience, understanding, and support.

The LS Director has coached and guided her in ways that continue to amaze and impress me. He understands her and knows how to get through to her in a way no other teacher has before. His passion and patience are unsurpassed."

Parent of a LS student