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Our Middle School tweens and teens infuse C/A with energy and a love of exploration as they challenge themselves academically, solidify friendships, and begin to understand who they are as individuals within a larger community.

We know that the complexities of pre-teen and tween years can be numerous. That is why C/A offers small class sizes and a strong Middle School identity, complete with a separate curriculum, faculty, and Student Council. We are determined to help ensure that our students thrive socially and academically as they prepare for High School.

Take a few minutes to explore our Middle School and learn about our curriculum, Innovation Fair, clubs, activities, athletics, and more!


"I love Commonwealth because it's so 'hands on' and it's unique for every child. The teachers make sure everybody understands everything and tailor the classes to you; also, everybody is very nice!"

C/A Middle School student

"Commonwealth is a high energy school that encourages my child to speed ahead in the subjects that come easily for him and to get extra help and attention in the difficult ones."

C/A Parent, Middle School