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Remediation to Acceleration


Reading, Writing and Math: At the heart of our academic program is ability-grouped instruction in Language Arts and Math, provided by experienced and caring teachers.

Based on individual assessments, students receive either:

  • remediation
  • grade-level instruction or
  • accelerated instruction

Within small groups, teachers use a variety of strategies and technologies to improve students’ abilities to decode, comprehend, and read fluently, and to develop math automaticity and procedural understanding as needed.

C/A’s small class size and flexible ability grouping also allow our teachers to challenge students at an accelerated level if they have already demonstrated mastery of grade-level content.

Science and Social Studies: Science and Social Studies are content-area subjects that are presented at grade-level.

Individualized or Small Group Support: The Lower School offers a daily 30-minute period for students to receive individualized or small group support. These supports include: 

  • math development
  • Orton Gillingham/Wilson-based reading support 
  • counseling 
  • Speech/Language Services and/or Occupational Therapy times
  • acceleration support for qualifying students.

This time also presents students with the opportunity to catch-up on missed work, strengthen a curriculum concept, or get lost in a book of their choosing.

Our teachers use technology, accommodations, tools, and experiential learning to maximize subject mastery and success.

Students learn to:

  • use math manipulatives
  • create presentations using Google Slides
  • collaborate with each other using Google Docs

Students also learn to use graphic organizers before all writing projects and during reading activities. 

Finally, they begin the process of creating an organization system for their digital files.

Subject-specialized teachers for Physical Education, Engineering, Theater, Music, and Art round out a caring, nurturing, and highly-skilled faculty.


"Our daughter is wrapping up her first year at C/A... Each of her challenges has been met by LS teachers with amazing patience, understanding, and support.

The LS Director has coached and guided her in ways that continue to amaze and impress me. He understands her and knows how to get through to her in a way no other teacher has before. His passion and patience are unsurpassed."

Parent of a LS student