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Teens Experience Academic and Social Success at c/a


  • Students who attend C/A's high school leave READY for college.
  • Our teachers and support staff collaborate to help each student thrive
  • We offer a broad-based, comprehensive high school curriculum
  • Our comfortable, small-classroom environment leads to academic and social success
  • We provided individualized ADHD/Executive Function support


The C/A Difference

C/A’s Advisory Program is an essential component of student academic support. Upon entering High School, students are assigned an advisor with whom they will work closely with to develop routines and strategies that support their learning and executive functioning skills.

Advisory meetings are scheduled for 10 minutes every morning. Working in small groups, and individually, advisors monitor students' grades and help them to manage academic concerns and serve as coaches to help students develop organizational and study skills and build positive relationships with their peers.

As a college prep school, we assign homework to reinforce and solidify classroom learning, deepen understanding of concepts, encourage academic exploration, and prepare for the rigor of college. Homework is not given as ‘busy’ work and is always provided with an objective and purpose.

We do recognize, however, that it’s important for students to have time for family, friends, and extra-curricular interests. That is why teachers, on average, assign 20-30 minutes a night of homework, which results in about two hours total of homework.

With an academic support class built into the daily schedule and an optional directed academic support time after school, many students are able to complete their homework before leaving the building for the day.

Re-entry into the classroom after winter break can be tough—no matter how much a student loves school. But C/A High School students, quickly warm back up to learning during J-Term, a two-week period in which they engage in project-based learning. Students are given the time and freedom to immerse themselves in topics of personal interest to them. 

J-Term at C/A is deliberately experiential, designed to help students sharpen their questioning skills, be innovate and creative, think critically about topics and develop (often through self-discovery) new perspectives and knowledge.


"Our daughter just received her acceptance letter to Catholic U! This momentous day would not have been possible without C/A. Every teacher, every member of the team has supported, encouraged, challenged and nurtured our daughter over these past six years to reach this milestone and so many more! Forever grateful to all of you!"

Parent of C/A 2018 Alumna

"At Commonwealth, our son's dyslexia never held him back nor defined him. That will probably be one of the greatest gifts he will ever receive in his lifetime!

We will always be eternally grateful to all of you at C/A (especially the dynamic, passionate teachers) for changing our scared, bullied, and worse of all, feeling unintelligent, little son into an incredible, confident, curious, and avid learner with so many talents and strengths."

Parents of a  former C/A
Middle & High School Student