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The C/A Difference


Preparing for High School

In C/A's Middle School, both class structure and the school day are designed to provide exciting, grade-level lessons and teach the skills and academic foundations needed to be successful in high school. Accommodations are embedded and directly taught throughout the curriculum. Remediation of basic skills is also continued on an as-needed basis through differentiated instruction and one-on-one support.



C/A has twice-daily Advisory time build into the schedules of every Middle School student in order to help teach and help build executive functioning skills. Students meet with their advisors mid-morning to stay on top of grades and homework assignments. They meet again at the end of the day so advisors can help to monitor students' packing of study materials and assignments to finish at home.


Interactivity, Not Lectures

A lecture format is not used in class. More commonly, students are presented with a ten-minute mini-lesson, followed by the opportunity to apply the information during a hands-on, interactive learning activity. Class discussion is a regular part of each lesson. Middle schoolers are regularly assigned homework, quizzes, tests, and projects and enjoy frequent hands-on and interactive learning opportunities.


Every Student is Unique

Individual learning differences are taken into account when planning coursework in the Middle School. Lessons may be differentiated either for enrichment or to accommodate a student who needs support in a particular area. Just as important, Middle School students are introduced to a variety of tools and learning strategies so that they can eventually make an informed choice as to what works best for them. They learn to self-advocate for the technologies, tools, and support that serves their style of learning.


Commonwealth has been a life-changing experience for our son, setting the stage for him to take this leap outside of his (and our!!) comfort zone.

We will always be eternally grateful to all of you at C/A (especially the dynamic, passionate teachers) for changing the scared, bullied, and worse of all, feeling unintelligent, little boy into an incredible, confident, curious, and avid learner with so many talents and strengths.

At Commonwealth, our son's dyslexia never held him back nor defined him. That will probably be one of the greatest gifts he will ever receive... we thank you, the administration, for your guidance, mission, and compassion.

Parents of a High School student