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Twice Exceptional



Who? Twice-exceptional students, also referred to as 2e children, are highly intelligent students who struggle in school due to a learning difference, ADHD or senior integration disorder. While 2e students often have extraordinary talents, it is also important to recognize that they face difficulties that could make those talents or prevent them from reaching their potential.

The 2e Program: With parental permission, Commonwealth Academy offers individual as well as group pull-out sessions to engage and energize our 2e students. The 2e program is completely optional and entirely driven by a student's interests. C/A meets the needs of the twice-exceptional child through the talents of an expertly qualified teacher who leads lead the programming, modifications to their classroom instruction, small group learning modules, electives (Discovery Lab) and independent exploration opportunities.

After-school opportunities provide additional opportunities for 2e children to exercise their talents, curiosity and innovative minds.