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Continuing Enrollment

Continuing Enrollment


We hope to be able to offer all current students the opportunity to continue enrollment at Commonwealth Academy. The following is our schedule for Continuing Enrollment.

  • Leadership Meetings/Discussions: Starting in the fall, the Leadership Team meets to determine the fit of placement and decide if a student is to be offered an invitation in early February to continue enrollment.

  • Official Notification Date: In early February, parents are notified of official decisions. Contracts are mailed to families who are being offered an invitation to continue enrollment.

  • Applicant Reply Date: Families are asked to notify C/A if they accept the offer to continue enrollment by returning the contract with the non-refundable registration fee ($1,500) as stated in the enrollment contract. Parents may choose to pay the tuition deposit online through a secure website.
  • Tuition Binding Date: On June 1st, all new and returning student contracts become binding.