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Executive Function

Executive Functioning and ADHD Coaching


Executive Functioning

Commonwealth Academy assists and coaches students to strengthen their executive functioning on a consistent and encouraging basis.

Middle and High School students meet with their advisors every day. During this time period, students are assisted in keeping organized and reminded how to stay on top of assignments and grades. Advisors check student lockers, backpacks, notebooks and planners on a regular basis.

High School advisory meets once a day and Middle School advisory meets twice a day. Lower School faculty support executive function and organization throughout the day, embedding it into each class.

ADHD Coaching

Commonwealth Academy supports an ADHD coaching culture without our school. It's not unusual for children with ADHD to find themselves in an emotionally heightened state that prevents them from moving forward with homework, classwork or other challenges.

Several of our administrators and teachers have taken a six-week ADHD coaching class. In addition, an internationally-certified ADHD coach, Ms. Heather McKinzey, is on staff to offer students a wider range of possibilities when they are "stuck." She works one-on-one with students to develop their own individual action plan. She helps the student to identify what they need in terms of support; what they have control over; what are some possibilities to consider; what options they are leaning toward; and what their plan will be to move forward.   

Ms. McKinzey also shares with teachers tips and insights for coaching strategies to use with students and makes presentations to the C/A Parent Association to inform parents of questions they can use when their child is in an emotionally heightened state that precludes them from moving forward. "The key is to acknowledge the child's feeling first so that they can see a wider range of options," Ms. McKinzey said.