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Fast Facts

Profile of C/A's Student Body:
  • Grades 3-12
  • Average to gifted intelligence
  • Diverse learning styles
  • Majority have executive functioning challenges
  • May require accommodations
  • Many have been diagnosed with ADHD
  • Many have mild learning differences
  • Vast majority plan to attend a four-year college or university
  • Do not exhibit behavior problems that would impact the learning of others

Class Sizes at C/A:

  • C/A enjoys a 1:6 teacher/student ratio
  • Lower School classes have up to six students per teacher for Language Arts and Math
  • Middle and High School typically have 10 or fewer students per class

C/A offers a broad-based curriculum to prepare our students for the challenges of college, career, and life pursuits.

Our curriculum varies by grade level, but students in each Division benefit from: 

  • Teachers who use a variety of hands-on and interactive activities to engage students
  • A full range of core subjects, as well as electives, cross-curricular projects, and Makerspace building projects
  • A certified ADHD coach who provides support to students and teachers

Please click below for more specific curriculum information.  


C/A's hallmark is providing support to students with executive function challenges.

  • Teachers embed school-wide organizational strategies and time management skills into instruction each day

  • Advisors meet with Middle and High School students daily to help keep them organized and stay on top of assignments and grades

  • Study skills are taught in the classroom and during Academic Support periods

  • Organizational coaching takes place during Advisory/Academic Support in Middle School and High School

  • On-site full-time school counselor
  • On-site full-time nurse
  • On-site speech and language therapist and occupational therapist
  • Faculty Advisors beginning in Middle School
  • 1:1 computer to student ratio
  • Lower School students use school-provided iPads and Chromebooks
  • Middle School students use school-provided Dell 2:1 Laptops and Chromebooks
  • High School students participate in a Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) program
  • Assistive technology is available on all school computers
  • EdTech team on staff
  • Online homework, student email accounts, Google classroom and faculty web pages facilitate homework completion
  • All Commonwealth classrooms are outfitted with either Promethean Interactive White Boards, SMARTBoards® or TVs with Apple TV devices to enhance focus, comprehension, and interactivity
  • Makerspace and Makerspace Design Studio
  • Select textbooks and literature available in e-book or CD format

Accommodations are based on documentation from a qualified professional and included in the Student Action Plan (SAP) that C/A develops for every student.

C/A meets with parents on an annual basis to review their student's SAP.

Questions regarding SAPs can be emailed to Ellen Edwards, C/A Director of Support Services.