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Twice Exceptional



In April 2014, the National Twice Exceptional Community of Practice (CoP) developed the following definition of twice-exceptionality: 

“Twice-exceptional (2e) individuals evidence exceptional ability and disability, which results in a unique set of circumstances. Their exceptional ability may dominate, hiding their disability; their disability may dominate, hiding their exceptional ability; each may mask the other so that neither is recognized nor addressed.”

At Commonwealth Academy, we use research-based methods and interventions to support our twice-exceptional students so that their exceptionality can be realized:  

  • Inside of the classroom, teachers differentiate their lessons for their 2e learners, ensuring that students are supported and accommodated for and material scaffolded, while also providing students with opportunities to build on their gifts and strengths and challenge themselves.
  • A differentiated learning specialist works directly with teachers to support lesson differentiation across content, process, and product, paying particular attention to the needs of our 2e students. 
  • The social-emotional needs of 2e students are supported through in-school counselors and in-classroom social emotional learning exercises. 
  • Students in all grade levels are offered multiple opportunities weekly to pursue their interests and academic and non-academic strengths through electives, clubs, and extracurricular activities. 
  • Students may participate in honors components for most high school course offerings in English, Math, Science, and History.
  • High School students who are interested in exploring a particular discipline in more depth can challenge themselves by earning a Diploma Certificate along with their High School Diploma or Advanced Diploma.