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Instruction at C/A is designed to address various learning styles, including students who struggle with organizational, attention, planning, and time management challenges. The common denominator among our students is the need to improve their executive functioning.

  • That is why C/A embeds an extensive array of executive functioning support strategies into our program. Students learn different strategies so they can adopt those that are most helpful and make them life-long habits in school, work, and their personal lives.

While support mechanisms are the same throughout the grades, as students mature, the responsibility for implementing those strategies changes hands from teacher to student so that students can independently advocate for themselves by the time they move on to college.

  • That is also why we offer ADHD coaching support to our students, both within the classroom and as a pull-out model.

  • Finally, C/A is aware of the unique needs of the "twice exceptional" student, who is highly intelligent but struggles in school due to a learning difference, ADHD or sensory integration disorder. Our 2e program provides support and coaching to 2e students to help them make the most of their gifts. 


"Our daughter just received her acceptance letter to Catholic U! This momentous day would not have been possible without C/A. Every teacher, every member of the team has supported, encouraged, challenged and nurtured our daughter over these past six years to reach this milestone and so many more! Forever grateful to all of you!"

Parent of C/A 2018 Alumna

"At Commonwealth, our son's dyslexia never held him back nor defined him. That will probably be one of the greatest gifts he will ever receive in his lifetime!

We will always be eternally grateful to all of you at C/A (especially the dynamic, passionate teachers) for changing our scared, bullied, and worse of all, feeling unintelligent, little son into an incredible, confident, curious, and avid learner with so many talents and strengths."

Parents of a  former C/A
Middle & High School Student