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After-School Program


After-School Program

C/A will be offering four different after-school enrichment options from Monday to Thursday during the 2021-2022 school year. Full program offerings, as well as specific times, dates, and age ranges, are listed below. 

To register for the After-School program, click here!


Single-Day "Drop-in" options are now available!
New for the second semester, our after-school program has added a single-day "Drop-in" option for Cougar Club and Academic Support. We recognize schedules can change and things can come up, so if you would like your child to stay after school to attend one of these classes, simply email our Director of Athletics & Auxillary Programs to indicate who is staying and use the link below to pay for the single-day option.

Single-day "Drop-in" registration can be found here!

Program Offerings 
All programs run from 3:45 - 5:30 p.m. If you arrive to pick up your child before 5:30 p.m. please call the front desk (703-548-6912) and we will dismiss your child at the main entrance. 
Academic Support
Monday - Thursday
Grades 6-12
After-school Academic Support is an extension of the Academic Support classes we offer during the school day. It is a time to complete academic work while practicing positive EF skills. Academic support is like an independent learning class. Students will be facilitated in coming prepared to class, using their time wisely, not creating distractions for other students, and recognizing that any incomplete work will still need to be completed later that evening at home.
The after-school academic support teacher will provide executive functioning support, help plan and prioritize work, break down large assignments, help set time-goals for work, check in on the status of assignments, and answer questions or help students get the answers they need.

Cougar Club
Monday - Thursday
Grades 3-5
Cougar Club is an opportunity to bring the summer fun of Camp Cougar to our after-school program. Cougar Club is a fun-filled, multi-activity enrichment class that allows students to give input into the activities they choose to participate in. Students can choose between: sports, board games, gardening, lego-building, gaming/esports, Among Us, Dungeons & Dragons, Minecraft, indoor drones, Coding, Robotics, Tech Exploration, 3D Arts, and more! The activities will be student-led, where the students will collectively have the ability to customize their time and choose the activities they participate in.  Character development and skill acquisition will be achieved through activities that students self-select. Screen time/device limits and mandatory physical activity breaks are components of this program.

Art & Crafts
Grades 6-12
Arts & Crafts will allow students to develop art skills in a relaxed environment. Students will use their creativity to create fantastic works of art that will range from 2D to 3D art. The projects will include painting, clay, photography, and using textiles to create embroidery, cross-stitch, and other fun projects. There will be a team-based activity where groups of students will work together to create a surprise work of art.
Social Gaming Club
Grades 6-12
Social Gaming Club offers students a chance to come together, socialize, and play the video games and Esports that they enjoy. This enrichment program is designed to be an experience where students can interact with each other in person while participating in games online. Rocket League will be an option that students can participate in if they would like to learn more about how the game is played and/or are interested in joining our Rocket League Esports team. Students will be required to take device and screen-free breaks throughout this enrichment class.
If my child is in Cougar Club or Academic Support four days a week, can they also do a single-day enrichment class?
Students who are registered in a four-day program are also able to switch to other enrichment offerings on certain days if there is space available in that program. For example, a student registered for our four-day Academic Support class can also attend Arts & Crafts on Monday and/or STEAM on Wednesday if there is space in those classes. Requests to attend enrichment offerings that run on the same day can be made directly with the Director of Athletics & Auxillary Programming through email (
What is included in the enrichment classes?
Every enrichment class includes adult supervision, planned activities with associated supplies, and a daily snack.
Will you be offering any programming before school starts?
No. There will be no early drop-off for students outside of what is offered by their division. Students should follow the arrival procedures designated by their appropriate division director.
What if my child needs to be picked up before 5:30 p.m.? 
A student can be picked up at any time after school. We ask that you park on the curb directly in front of the main entrance and call the front desk to have your child released. Session fees will not be prorated if a student leaves early. 
Would there be any reason my child cannot attend a certain enrichment class if they are grade-appropriate?
Each of the enrichment classes has a minimum requirement of participants to operate. If a certain class does reach this requirement, then we will have to cancel that class. You will receive a full refund for this type of cancelation. Additionally, each enrichment class will be capped at 10 students. 
Does my child have to signup for a 4-day-a-week activity or are there other options?
There will be single-day options and four-day options to accommodate different schedules.  Please note that in order to run these sessions fully, no refunds for time missed will be possible, whether full or partial. 
Can I give my child permission to leave early and/or on their own? 
Yes. We would need your official permission to release your child without adult supervision after their session. Those arrangements can be made directly with the Director of Athletics & Auxillary Programming through email ( 
My child has dietary restrictions. Can they bring their own snacks?
Yes, a student can bring extra snacks to have after school. We encourage students to bring a snack on the days they have an activity after school. The snacks provided by the school are supplemental.
What is the cell phone policy after school? 
Students are able to have their phones on with them set to vibrate. While they will not be accessing their phones during activities, students will be able to use their phones during breaks, downtime, or to communicate with their parents or their scheduled transportation contact. All activities conducted on a mobile device will need to adhere to the school’s Responsible Use Policy, which will be in effect.